Brittany and Chris : New Braunsfels Wedding

I’ve never heard a bride say, and yes we hope that it rains on our wedding day.  Not usually on the itinerary, however when it’s 100% chance of rain, and the bride doesn’t even really mention it, you know that what truly matters on her day is the marriage, her groom and becoming husband and wife.  When you’re the photographer and you hear torrential downpour during the ceremony you wouldn’t really think that the sun would pop out and the clouds would blow over just in time for after ceremony portraits, but it did and well I was super happy about that.  Brittany and Chris’ wedding was beautiful and I’m so glad that despite the rain, their spirits weren’t  clouded by the weather because it was such a special day.

And I’m so grateful that I got to shoot alongside Jennifer Schattle once again. She makes wedding days so much more fun! xo 
Dawson-BrittanyChris2 Dawson-BrittanyChris3 Dawson-BrittanyChris4 Dawson-BrittanyChris5 Dawson-BrittanyChris6 Dawson-BrittanyChris7 Dawson-BrittanyChris8 Dawson-BrittanyChris9 Dawson-BrittanyChris10 Dawson-BrittanyChris11 Dawson-BrittanyChris12 Dawson-BrittanyChris14 Dawson-BrittanyChris16 Dawson-BrittanyChris17 Dawson-BrittanyChris15 Dawson-BrittanyChris18 Dawson-BrittanyChris19 Dawson-BrittanyChris20 Dawson-BrittanyChris21 Dawson-BrittanyChris22 Dawson-BrittanyChris23 Dawson-BrittanyChris25 Dawson-BrittanyChris26 Dawson-BrittanyChris27 Dawson-BrittanyChris30 Dawson-BrittanyChris29 Dawson-BrittanyChris28 Dawson-BrittanyChris31 Dawson-BrittanyChris32 Dawson-BrittanyChris33 Dawson-BrittanyChris34 Dawson-BrittanyChris35 Dawson-BrittanyChris36 Dawson-BrittanyChris37 Dawson-BrittanyChris38 Dawson-BrittanyChris39 Dawson-BrittanyChris40 Dawson-BrittanyChris41 Dawson-BrittanyChris42 Dawson-BrittanyChris43 Dawson-BrittanyChris44 Dawson-BrittanyChris45 Dawson-BrittanyChris46 Dawson-BrittanyChris47 Dawson-BrittanyChris48 Dawson-BrittanyChris49 Dawson-BrittanyChris50 Dawson-BrittanyChris51 Dawson-BrittanyChris52 Dawson-BrittanyChris53 Dawson-BrittanyChris54


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January 12, 2015



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