Molly : Bridals

The perfect recipe for a great afternoon. a bridal gown – the most beautiful bouquet – a glowy winter sun –  and of course, a gorgeous bride. I’m not sure about you, but that pretty much sums up a dream shoot for me.  Molly wanted an outdoor, rustic feel to her shoot, so she chose The Barn at Piano Bridge in Dubina. The placement of the sun at this location is always perfect, allowing for my favorite kind of sun-drenched photos.   Now that she’s a married woman as of Saturday, I can finally share her beautiful bridals.

Her bouquet was made by Rita Anders with Cuts of Color in Weimar, Texas


MelissaBridals-40 Molly4 MelissaBridals-74 MelissaBridals-59 MelissaBridals-125 Molly3 MelissaBridals-155 Molly1 MelissaBridals-134 Molly6 MelissaBridals-126 Molly2 MelissaBridals-98 Molly5 MelissaBridals-93 MelissaBridals-83 MelissaBridals-58 MelissaBridals-117 MelissaBridals-51


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March 2, 2015



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