Kate and Ryan | La Grange wedding photographer |Svetlik Farm Wedding

Here’s a little love story. Girl is singing at the best dance hall in Texas. (Green Hall) Parents of the girl see a handsome tall man and proceed to introduce their girl to the handsome guy. The rest is history.

Kate and Ryan have a beautiful love story, one that is filled with a lot of love and even more laughter. It was such a pleasure getting to know these two as a couple and their kids. When Kate originally called about their wedding, my first thought was that it was going to be one FUN party! And boy was it! But my favorite parts were the sprinkling in of the sweetest moments shared from family and the new couple. And I love that some of the only tears the bride shed on her day was when her new husbands daughter was helping her dress.

Wedding Venue: Svetlik Farm

Wedding Coordinator : Kristen Baumbach

Florals: Cuts of Color

Drinks : We Tend Bar

Cakes : Tara Dilley

Photo : Brittany Dawson and Jennifer Schattle


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November 12, 2020



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