Michael and Alexa : Maternity

I have a very vivid memory of my cousin Michael. It was christmastime, maybe like 15-16 years ago at my grandparents house. We were jingling some bells and telling the smaller cousins that Santa was coming. Everyone was standing outside looking up at the sky for Santa and his reindeer, meanwhile Michael was sprinting around the very large house trying to catch up to the elusive Santa himself. Then my cousin Jami dressed up as Santa and Michael went around yelling THAT’S JAMI, THAT’S JAMI!!  Anyway, now that little cousin is grown and just recently brought home his new baby girl. Three days before Alexa went into labor, we shot their maternity shoot – just in the nick of time.  I love photographing my family and I’m so very happy for these two!

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December 18, 2014



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