Lesley and Rocky : The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell Wedding

At the main house at The Prairie, the girls room buzzed as they sipped on drinks, did each others makeup and got dressed for Lesley and Rocky’s big day.  Being together, all getting ready is exactly what Lesley wanted, and it made it especially sweet that it was in the most precious room in the Inn. Lesley and Rocky have a sweet and simple love story. They dated briefly in high school, went their separate ways, and reconnected several years later. Rocky couldn’t have found a more perfect girl for him – a girl who loves to fish and get dirty, a southern girl raised by great parents, their roots matching up perfectly.

I grew up with Lesley and her family – much like a second family to mine and my parents best friends. It made me immensely happy to be able to document this wedding for them. The first of their three daughters to get married!

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This awesome groom’s catfish cake was made by Laura Elliott Stark52

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So the Father/Daughter dance started out perfectly normal… Stark41

and soon morphed into a “history of dance” — SO FUNNY!Stark42 Stark43 Stark44 Stark45 Stark46 Stark47 Stark48 Stark49


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July 30, 2013



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