Emily and Rich : Engagements

Playing softly in the background of my office I can’t help but relate the lyrics of a song to the couple I’m seeing on my computer screen.

“Living the best days of our lives, these are the best days of our lives…
I know this happiness depends on if we share it with each other.
So when this craziness is through, I’ll spend my happiness with you.These are the best days of our lives.”
-Eric Hutchinson

Spending the morning with Emily and Rich, I couldn’t help but see the love and happiness between the two of them. Always touching, smiling, laughing and genuinely enjoying each other, they are truly living the best days of their lives.  It’s so true the lyrics “when this craziness is through, I’ll spend my happiness with you” – weddings can be crazy and a tad bit stressful, but instead of being sad that the wedding is over, be happy that the result is spending your life and happiness with the person you married. I think that’s a pretty perfect result of your wedding.

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August 8, 2013



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