Kassi and Andrew : Engagements

Mostly what I remember about Kassi is that tall, gorgeous girl with the legs from Flatonia who played Softball. We had a few mutual friends, so over the years I’ve always known who she was but haven’t ever gotten to know her. During their engagements, Kassi showed me how warm and sweet of a person she is – and I see why Andrew choose her. Their wedding is later this winter and I can’t wait – Kassi is going to be a bride goddess!!KassiAndrew1 KassiAndrew2 KassiAndrew3 KassiAndrew4 KassiAndrew5 KassiAndrew7 KassiAndrew6 KassiAndrew8 KassiAndrew10 KassiAndrew11 KassiAndrew9 KassiAndrew12 KassiAndrew13 KassiAndrew14 KassiAndrew15


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July 16, 2013



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