San Pedro Town, Belize – Our Honeymoon

I can’t believe it’s already been three months since Bryan and I were married. And no, I still haven’t gotten my name changed ūüôā figures.¬† We were at church a few Sundays ago and I was introduced to a few new people and said Hi I’m Brittany Kerr and realized that I can’t even say it with a straight face. I stutter and glace over at Bryan who then rolls his eyes and smiles. It’s so new to me and makes me happy.¬† I’m sure I’ll eventually grow up from my 12 year old self and be able to introduce myself without being giddy…maybe when I make it official at the worst place ever, the DPS and social security offices. eek.

So my Mom especially, along with some others have been asking where our honeymoon pictures are…so at 3 am last night when I couldn’t sleep I thought it was a great time to prepare a blog.¬† We visited San Pedro Town, Belize on the island of Ambergris Caye for 7 wonderful and relaxing days. I highly recommend Matachica Resort and Spa for any honeymooners or anniversaries or just a romantic getaway. Imagine flying over the water to the small island in a very small place. Then getting on a boat to drive up the coast of the island and after docking, entering your resort from the water. It was like in the movies, but only better b/c I knew it was real.¬† When I travel I’m not the best about taking pictures. For so many years I was always behind the camera, not fully experiencing what was right in front of me. But after arriving home I’m saddened by the fact that I didn’t make any tangible memories through photographs. So while I didn’t get the adorable but super busy town of San Pedro Town, I did however try to get some of us and our resort. Bryan and I on our honeymoon – happy and in love.¬† Bryan didn’t so much love the little session but he loves me so if suffered through!


This was our little casita. Plum.

I had to run back and forth about 20 times to set the self timer to get a few good ones.

One of my happy places. Hammocks are among some of my favorite things.

A few of our afternoons were filled with walks down the beach.¬† The island doesn’t have roads so you either have a boat to get to town or you ride on the beach on bikes.

The most peaceful place. Our casita was only a few steps from the water so anywhere we were we had a beautiful view.

On our fishing trip while finding the perfect place to stop I watched as Bryan admired his wedding band.

We were pretty successful in catching dinner – especially with Chris our guide baiting our hooks, casting my rod and taking the fish off each and every time. Finally I said “so Chris, you think I might be able to cast the rod myself”…he didn’t say a word just handed it over with a smirk. On that cast, I reeled in this beauty of a fish. Can’t remember the name of it but Chris said we don’t eat that fish. Too pretty.

These little sand crabs were everywhere and totally freaked Bryan out. He wouldn’t walk to dinner in the dark without shoes on.

I decided to try to teach Bryan how to use my camera…

Belizean sunsets created the most soft palate of colors. Beautiful purples and pinks reflected from the clouds to the water making for breathtaking sunsets every night. Ambergris Caye has the second longest barrier reef in the world, creating a barrier, obviously, from waves hitting the shore.¬† I’ve never experienced such a soft crashing of waves from a distance and stillness at night.

Bryan was super pumped posing for this picture…

but this one came out of it so totally worth it, right honey?

Bryan still experimenting… I just like it cause of my wedding band and crazy freckles. That’s what the sun does to me.

I really wanted to be on that sailboat…

The moon.

and of course there was a wedding a few steps from our hut one afternoon – so what did I do. Promptly photographed it. Well just the beginning…

Below are some point and shoot pics from the trip…

Our days were spent laying around reading, laying in hammocks, snorkling and eating way to much amazing food.

We will definitely be back to Belize again…


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February 8, 2012



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