Everyone needs a little Grady

Everyone needs a little Grady in their lives. Don’t you think?! He’s been missing for a little bit from my blog so I thought we needed a little update! These were from a spur of the moment, please Grady cooperate and you’ll get gummy bears kind of shoot in December, and it worked!  Karissa needed some pictures for their Christmas card but I’d been dreading taking portraits of my favorite little man. He’s, lets just say, challenging at this age and makes his aunt wanna bang her head against the wall during picture time.  Maybe the terrible 2’s are slowly starting to leave or maybe he just felt sorry for his crazy aunt BB and Mom, but Grady sat where he was told and was his adorable little self that everyone loves.  Of course I made him wear his adorable wedding attire – I just can’t get enough of his bow tie and little shoes – and we walked to the next door neighbor and hoped for the best!  I’m like the outcome!

I felt like his suspenders and bow tie called for a little sepia tones in the pictures…

On the left I was thinking “who IS this kid” sitting all proper…. then he tried to sneak away.

such a sweet sweet little boy.

bribes are always appropriate with 2 year olds. “Grady sit down right now if you want some gummy bears!!” which really aren’t gummy bears more like a fruit snack version.

Mr. GQ. Too bad his arms are almost too short to fit in his pockets.

Grammi stopped by for a second and Grady had to have his picture with her.

These are Grady’s sweet dance moves.  Get High and get Low!

This is Grady’s sweet smile – but you know something is coming.

Those lips are my favorite.



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February 1, 2012



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