Krystal & Scott : Frisco Hertiage Center and Train Depot Wedding

I guess it’s better late than never right? I’ve been meaning to blog Krystal and Scott’s wedding since the fall – but with my own wedding taking up time it stayed in my blog que for far too long.  Krystal and Scott’s summer wedding held at Frisco Hertiage and Train Depot Wedding was one of my favorites of the year. Besides it being a hot one – a sweltering 109 degrees, their day was touching, loving, romantic and extremely fun!  Krystal and Scott thank you so much for inviting me into your day! I loved every minute!


The girls got ready in this amazing Victorian house. The decor mixed with amazing lighting was great for the getting ready photos.

Krystal was one of the most relaxed, easy brides I have ever photographed. Not to mention flawless.

They choose to do a first look which was such a great idea for the flow of their day. To make it extra special, Krystal choose a vintage church with the most amazing light streaming in.Walking down the isle to groom was such a touching moment that was so emotional to watch.

They embraced, checked each other out, kissed and whispered sweet things to each other.

I gave them a few minutes for a quiet moment together filled with prayer and emotion.

If I had to guess this was probably the best moment of their day.

Because they choose to see each other before, we had lots of time to get portraits of them together without the rush of getting to the reception. And especially since it was 109 that day it was nice to get them done earlier.

They could NOT stop smiling and laughing. They were ready and confident in who they choose to marry and couldn’t wait!

These girls did great! We worked quickly because of the heat and all the bridesmaids looked amazing despite the sweltering heat!

And look at these guys – relaxed and cutting up already.

Krystal’s adorable niece…

I loved the dramatic lighting during their ceremony. Everything was pitch black except for the spotlight on the bride and groom.

This was a extra touching moment where they took communion and prayed together as husband and wife.

Krystal did a wonderful job with putting in special touches at the reception. Her favorite books were the table decor, along with vintage cameras and passages from the bible.

Since they had an afternoon wedding and reception they served lots of amazing pies, and cakes and sweets.

They served lots of fun soda bottles of different flavors.

I think these two little boys speak for themselves…

Adorable departure with their outfit changes!!



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February 23, 2012



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