Stacy and Laurie : Cathedral of Junk

In the last year I have thought of ideas to challenge myself and inspire creative thoughts within my photography, but most often that not it’s just thoughts floating around in my head on scratch sheets of paper. I have made it a goal this year to work on at least one project a month for just myself. There is nothing more rewarding than visualizing an idea and seeing the outcome of those thoughts in print, and I’m challenging myself to make it happen.  I have a lot of in depth projects in the works and I’m constantly trying to push myself creatively, so I’m beyond thrilled I have amazing people in my life that are willing to make it happen.  This month I tried to keep it simple. Two beautiful girls. An awesome place for shooting. Lots of laughter and beautiful light.  This shoot is with two of my best friends, Stacy and Laurie, awesome sisters to one another and great friends to me.  Last Saturday was a beautiful one so we headed down to  Cathedral of Junk and had a blast shooting for a few hours.

This month is already flying by with lots of exciting things happening….a exciting trip to WPPI coming up this week, and engagement to the love of my life 🙂 (more on that later), a trip to Colorado and weddings rapidly approaching! I’ll be blogging more as well, but just give me a little time to get back from all these adventures!

Be sure to CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of Stacy and Laurie at the Cathedral of Junk!!

CLICK HERE to see more of Stacy and Laurie at the Cathedral of Junk!!


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February 15, 2011



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