Melissa & Kyle : Austin Engagemments

If these two were going to get an award from their shoot it would be an award for the most smiles and laughter. Clearly they are happily engaged and happily planning their wedding, but during the shoot they not only told me that but they showed me. I smiled from behind my camera the entire time knowing that these two have found true companionship in one another. A partner that not only makes each other laugh but a partner that truly loves and wholeheartedly cares for one another. I feel like a couple that laughs together stays together. So clearly these two will share a long life of love and laughter and I can’t wait to see that happen for them.  Their wedding this summer will be such a delight, I can hardly wait.

We met in South Austin at a wonderful park that I just fell in love with. It’s subtle Austin beauty made me think it would be the perfect backdrop for Melissa and Kyle. Someplace that didn’t take away from their love but added to the simplistic beauty of it.  It is a joy to know you two and I’ll see you so very soon for your wedding!!

CLICK HERE for a slideshow of Melissa and Kyle!

happy happy smiles.

As you can see Kyle and Melissa have a friendly rivalry going – He a Texan fan and Melissa and Cowboys fan.

For a slideshow of Melissa and Kyle’s engagements, CLICK HERE!!


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March 3, 2011



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