Diane & Kenn : Dubina Wedding

The yellow house sat on the corner right down the street from the beautifully refurbished Dubina Catholic church. Inside that yellow house were happy girls fluttering about, ready to see their best friend, sister and daughter marry the man she has grown up with, grown into a woman with, and now finally starting a life with as husband and wife. In each of the decorated vintage rooms sat Diane’s bridesmaids fluffing and primping, laughing and crying as Diane walked throughout the house, chatting and laughing, with a huge genuine smile plastered to her face, knowing that in a few short hours the rest of her life would begin.  When I walked into the bed and breakfast I had no idea where to begin. Each room, each piece of vintage furniture and each window streaming beautiful sunlight had my head spinning. Every single inch could create a beautiful image so I just had to choose a room and get started, smiling the entire time.

As for Diane and Kenn, I don’t even know where to begin with these two. It has been such a blessing working with them over the last year and I’m sorry to see it ending, however I’m beyond thrilled for the two of them in their young, new marriage.  They had the kind of wedding that is refreshing and different, vintage yet a breath of fresh air. I loved every ounce of it.  Thank you Diane and Kenn, and your wonderful families for allowing me to be a part of your day! It’s one of my favorites!!

Be sure to CLICK HERE for a slideshow of Diane and Kenn’s Wedding!

I absolutely loved Diane’s wedding gown, fitting her style and figure perfectly.

Ohhh and the shoes….

I loved all of Diane’s details!

Emma, the adorable flower girl and Diane’s niece.

The girls walked from the B&B to the Church – and this is when they saw the vintage car.

In true Longhorn fashion, they threw up the UT sign as they sped by.

The guest favors were adorable jars of homemade jam, and it was so good!

Kenn, being a baseball player, had a small display of his second love.

Because of the burn ban, they couldn’t use their sparklers, but I loved their send off with cheering family just the same!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kasparek!

CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of Diane and Kenn’s Wedding!


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January 25, 2011



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