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Happy New Year everyone! Yes, I know January is already half over, but I’ve been busy to say the least but I’m home, for a few weeks anyway and ready to get this blog going again.  2011 has already started off so wonderfully that I can’t even believe it’s only a few weeks in. I started the year with a life changing workshop in LA with one of the best photographers in the world, Jerry Ghionis, who I need to blog on more. More so than the workshop itself, I have made 23 amazing friends who have already helped me tremendously in my business and more so in my life.  Everywhere from Canada, LA and even Brazil – from Colorado to San Francisco area and Texas. I’m so blessed to know you all and call you friends.  My nephew made this week pretty awesome for me. Babysitting him for 3 days was exhausting but so rewarding that I could have had him for weeks.  So now, here I am finally back from these few crazy weeks and ready to get to business!

First up – since I was so kindly called out on facebook about my last blog post being OLD, Jami this one is for you.  The weekend before Christmas my little cousin Aubri turned one, and during her birthday celebration her mom wanted to do a shoot that represents a special time of day for her. She told me that her kids love snuggling and jumping and playing on the bed with her and DJ so she wanted to document it.  I loved her idea, something different that represents their family so well.  While going through these pictures tears came to my eyes when thinking of what an amazing family my cousin Jami has created for herself. DJ, an amazing husband and two of the most precious kids ever. I mean look at their dimples and eyelashes. It just shows the kind of woman, mother and wife Jami is and I’m so proud to call her family.  I love this little family so much and can’t wait to watch them grow!!    Much Love!!


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January 21, 2011



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