A weekend away

During my three year stint of living in North Texas, I only took advantage of Fort Worth a few times. Dinner a few times, the stockyards once, and twice I made it to the TWU campus to visit some friends. You would have thought I would go more considering every time I’m there I say how much I love it more than the first time. Fort Worth, aka Cowtown, is a charming big city. Not usually can you mix charming with a city that is one of Texas’ largest, but it is. It’s clean, so many cute restaurants, shops, beautiful scenery, Trinity River right downtown ect. ect.  I love how every one of the cities in Texas is so uniquely different. Some I love more than others, some are just too dang hot, but each and every one is their own and makes living in such a large state not so bad.

Bryan and I were invited to a wedding this weekend – that’s right. I was a guest. I got to enjoy the beautiful ceremony as a guest, clap and tear up as a guest, enjoy cocktail hour and all the yummy appetizers as a guest, and even have a formal dinner and cut it up on the dance floor as a guest!  Being a guest is fun!  Friday we had time to stroll around the city in the most amazing weather since summer finally left. I don’t take enough time to be outdoors without thinking of the perfect light and locations for my couples or actually doing a photo shoot. It was refreshing to walk hand in hand around the streets, pop in and out of little boutiques and share ice cream while enjoying the fall breeze.

I was packing my camera with me the whole time but somehow managed to not take any photos of the city. Well, I’ll go back for those. Sometimes you just have to take a break. I did however take a few of Bryan and he got a little lesson on being behind the lens. And I learned I laugh too much with it pointing towards me.

Happy Monday Everyone!

I tried to make it an iPhone free weekend — fail.

Yeah, couldn’t keep a straight face.


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October 4, 2010



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