Grady’s 1st Birthday!

So if you’re tired of seeing and hearing about Grady I apologize. But really how can you not love those cheeks.  Anyway, this post is mainly to give a shout out to the best mom I know (besides our own!) my sister, Karissa.  She spent so much time and effort on this birthday party doing most all of it herself, making it as special as she could for her first born. People always say why go all out for a first birthday, but I think it’s the most important milestone to get to for the parents. Babies change so much from the day you bring them home to the day you celebrate their first year of life. It’s a celebration for the parents just as much as for the child. Plus he can always look at the pictures!

After she decided on turtle theme, Karissa hand made all the invitations.

We put a picture up of each month of his life and Karissa came up with such a cute way of displaying them.

and then got these adorable turtle marshmellow things.

She had the party on the back patio or the Brenham Country Club.

the cutest little cake – only thing she didn’t do herself. she would be super mom if she had though.

candy table all bought from Big Top Candy Shop on South Congress in Austin.

the Birthday banner she made.

Grady was very interested in the set up of his party. Intently watching with his Grandpa Kocian.

Grandpa Kocian – PawPaw Dawson

Grady with (Great) Pawpaw and then Grady with his Mom and Dad!

I love his little mischievous face. Grady with his cousins, Wyatt and Kristin.

Grady and Aubri.

Then it started raining and we had to clean up fast- I think Grady liked the rain though.  Grady with Grammi, our Mom.

He is most happy when doing things he knows he shouldn’t. Like walking on the table.

back at home Grady got to open a LOT of presents!  This one was his favorite…

the push lawnmower from Grammi and PawPaw

And I’ll end with this — NOT happy about being locked out of the kitchen. This is his GIVE ME WHAT I WANT scream. It’s loud. very loud.

love you.


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October 5, 2010



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