Arabella and Emeline

When I asked Arabella how her day was she said “school was fun” and started rattling off all she learned about Abraham and Jesus. I stood there in shock at what she had soaked up that day and that she could remember it all enough to tell me, the camera lady, and perfect stranger all that she was taught. The minds of three year olds is astonishing and it’s so refreshing to know how these two little girls are being raised. Throughout the shoot Arabella was so sweet (even through her fake little pout) and Emeline was wonderful after she got used to the grass – she was working her abs while holding her legs off the ground most of the time.  I fell in love with both girls eyes and lips. So beautiful these two.

Ohhh those lips.

Arabella is so sweet and expressive.

And so is little sister Emeline.

Arabella would have such serious faces – these are always my favorite.

que fake pout!

“How big is Emeline” — “SO BIG”

To see more of Arabella and Emeline, please CLICK HERE for a slideshow!


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September 30, 2010



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