One Year

A year ago, at this very moment, I was walking towards a tree with the man I was soon to marry, waiting for me. In that walk over, I had no idea that in a year’s time, I’d love that man more now than in that moment. We have built a wonderful life together. A life I can’t wait to start living even more.

Here are my favorite images captured by Rebekah Westover, on the very best day of our life. Since I never blogged my own wedding images I’d thought I should. Watch out there are lot. It was a good day.

You can also watch our wedding video by CLICKING HERE! password: Photo

We choose to get married at Hackberry Hill Farm in Round Top, Texas on a windy November day.

Our invitations were done by Little Owl Letterpress.

This is such a great memory.  All my favorite girls helping me into my dress.

It was only a zipper but it took forever to zip me in it.

Besides my engagement ring, I wore my great aunt’s promise ring or engagement ring. Since we can’t ask her, we won’t know for sure.

Meanwhile, Bryan and the boys were off in another cabin getting ready.

I love these images of him getting into his suit.

This was the moment. Walking towards my groom.

Having a first look was the best decision we made on that day. When I get nervous I get snippy and I didn’t want to be biting off any heads of my loved ones. There was one incident on the 30 second car ride over that a little snip came out, but after I saw Bryan the rest of the day was all smiles and laughter!

Plus, images like these were captured during that first look!

Bryan and his handsome groomsmen.

And me and my most favorite girls!

Our bouquets were designed and made by Melanie Tipton of Last Petal. Her work amazes me everytime.

The flowers matched every one of my bridesmaids dresses – and she didn’t even know what they were wearing!

We had the most windy day ever.

I will always love this tree.

Bryan will hate me for posting this picture. But I love it. In this moment we were so so happy.

Stacy helped me with all these windows by painting the wording on all of them.

This was also a favorite moment.

While my Dad escorted me down the isle, my cousin in law, DJ on the sax and Sarah on the piano, played the Adele version of Make You Feel My Love.

My Mom’s Dad, my PawPaw, married us. I will forever cherish his words that day and for the courage to preform his first marriage.

When we exchanged rings, Bryan was much anticipating what his ring would be since I wouldn’t allow him to see it before the wedding.  I had asked his Grandma for his Grandpa’s ring that Bryan had no idea even existed. The bond Bryan shared with his Grandpa was so great, I knew no other ring would make him happier to wear. I also knew he would tear up, but I didn’t expect the emotion he felt for the absence of his Grandfather that day to come through so strong. I was told even my Dad had shed a tear or two!

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Kerr!! That was fun, except when I tripped!  Don’t worry I didn’t fall, my husband caught me!

So my most favorite moment of the day was right after the ceremony. I was so happy and giddy and all Bryan wanted to know was more about the ring. He was so touched that it made me love him even more.

These benches were quite the labor of love. My Dad cut down the dead pine trees caused by the drought off their land. Bryan and I sanded the seats over and over and over again to ensure no ladies would get a snag in their dresses. Then stained them. My whole family and Tommy came out the weekend before and rolled the very heavy stumps to their correct spots. Then we cleaned them again after Eric mowed between the rows. Whew. But I loved the way it turned out!

The original hand that first put the ring on her groom. Grandma was so proud to see her grandson wearing her husbands wedding band.

My family!!!

These four people deserve the biggest credit and the most thanks for making our dream day come true. Without them the day wouldn’t have happened.

My favorite little man and my momma.

We were so glad that Bryan’s Dad and family were able to come all the way from Albuquerque!

I can’t thank DJ enough for playing during our ceremony. He is the most talented musician I know, so having him be a part of our day meant the world.  I used to tell him back in college that one day he’d play at my wedding. It was fun to see that come true!

Oh these girls. Some of the most amazing woman that I had the pleasure of growing up with.

I wanted a little living room set up so I brought some of my furniture and borrowed some others. I think they like it, because it was never vacant.

My sister and I spent hours at the antique fair collecting glasses and vases and linens for the wedding. I love the way Melanie and Deborah made it come together!

Speaking of Deborah Bradley, the day ran so smoothly with her and her team around.

Our cake was made from one of my past brides, Holley Quijano.

We enjoyed some great toasts!

All of Bryan’s Dallas friends made the trek down!!

And one of my most favorite people, Leann Neal, came all the way from Cali for our day! Love you!

Oh and on the right, that’s Joey, Bryan’s bro, breaking it down with his sister Leah.

Jason and Bill!

We have a photo like this from all of our weddings so far!!  Just three more to go and will all be old married women!

Dance off between Joey and Grady! It was a close one but I think Grady took it 😉

So my Dad does NOT dance. But who can say no when dragged out on the dance floor by the most awesome little two year old? Nope, no one. Not even my Dad.

This is us… doing the meat grinder.

Here’s to one of the best nights of our lives so far!!

You can also watch our wedding video by CLICKING HERE! password: Photo

Such a huge thanks to all our venders!

Venue: Hackberry Hill Farm

Decorating and Coordination: Deborah Bradley Events

Dress: Romona Keveza

Catering: Bistro 108

Flowers: Last Petal

DJ: Val Ramirez

Music: DJ Eisenhart and Sarah Bertsch

Officiant: Alec Mayfield, PawPaw

Marquis Burkham: Piano Rental

Video: New Road Productions


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