Parker Elizabeth : Newborn

This super sweet and adorable little 7 day old belongs to one of my favorite wedding couples from a few years ago. Nick and Holley are still one of the sweetest couples I have photographed to date. They are clearly in love every time I’m around them, and now seeing them with their little girl they are more bonded than ever.  Parker was a dream baby to photograph, showing me her big blues in the beginning and then promptly falling asleep after.  Parker has given me a bad case of baby fever too! 🙂

This little girl was born with a full head of beautiful brown hair – compliments of both mom and dad!

I love this image of Momma and daughter.

happy baby? or just gas 🙂

I love this family picture so much. A sleeping baby and a joyful momma and daddy!


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October 23, 2012



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