Allison & Michael : Texas A&M Engagements

There is something really special about being on a huge college campus, like A&M, for sunrise.  Kids are slowly (some running) out of their dorms trying to make their early classes, coffee in hands and ready to start their day. Sometimes I miss college, but mostly I don’t, but one thing I do love is going back to a campus that I spent a little bit of time on.  A&M holds a really special place for Allison and Michael, not only because it’s their alma matter, but it’s where they met one another. So it was only fitting that we all woke up well before sunrise to make the trek to College Station for their engagement pictures.


sunrise light is so beautiful

Michael was a member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets so we spent some time on The Quad.

The famous Century Tree where Michael proposed.

And of course ending at The Chicken, where else?!


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September 27, 2012



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