Holly & Aaron : Sengelmann Hall Wedding

I felt so good going into Aaron and Holly’s wedding. The night before I attended their rehearsal and was greeted with love and kindness from all members of their family. I now see where Holly and Aaron get it from. Their parents, grandparents, siblings and friends not only were so nice but loads of fun. When I realized this, it only made the anticipation of the reception that much greater. I knew this crowd was going to have a good time.


We started the day with the girls getting ready. Holly, along with her bridesmaids, mother in law and flower girls all glided around the room full of smiles.

After they were ready we headed to Monument Hill for some pre-ceremony pictures. Despite the major heat and Holly melting, choosing a beautiful location for pictures was the best choice.

I adore this picture of the flower girls.

Next we headed over for a little guy prep.  Aaron’s family has a big barn they refer to as “the bluff” that I’ve probably passed by a thousand times and never knew inside that barn housed so many animals.

I loved Holly’s face as she walked towards Aaron!

Officially Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

The reception was held at Sengelmann Hall in Schulenburg and had some of the most amazing details. So much love and effort was put into their wedding.

The toasts were pretty great. I don’t remember exactly what was so funny but I do remember the best man mentioning something about how Aaron couldn’t get girls…. Well I’m pretty sure he just married the best one he could have found anyway, so he was doing something right.

Grand March!  How adorable are Aaron’s grandparents?!

The bride and her brother had a very “special” dance together. He had her twirling, dipping, spinning, and even falling on the dance floor.

Even Aaron’s dad had a little something for the bride and groom.

Aaron’s Grandma was one proud Momma watching her son sing!

And the perfect sendoff. Congratulations you two – I adore you both!



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September 7, 2012



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