Courtney : Cinco Ranch Senior

My favorite picture I have of my youngest cousin, on my Mom’s side, is when she’s about 4 years old making a duck beak out of Pringles. I wish I knew exactly where that photo is, but I’d have some serious digging to do.  Courtney has grown up the baby of the family of 8 cousins and being 10 years my junior. So needless to say it is crazy to me that she is graduating high school and going on to UT! I can’t wait to see what life has in store for Courtney. She’s an amazing person and I have no doubt she’ll do great things.

These two are some of my favorites. Courtney has the best smile.

I had to use the “i love you wall” for a pic of my aunt and uncle and their little graduate!  I just love this picture!




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May 2, 2012



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