Ashley & Matt : South Congress Engagements

I have so many people emailing me on how to make their engagement shoot perfect and ensure great photographs. Well, take Ashley and Matt as a perfect example.  Besides their overall calmness and excited energy for the shoot they came dressed and ready to pose! Ashley had her makeup done beforehand, chose clothes that really fit their personalities, a perfect mix of dressy/casual, and chose locations that had great textures and light. A general rule on clothing – if you feel good, you’ll look good. There’s no need to make your man wear starched button ups if that’s not what he feels good in.  If he’s a t shirt guy let him be who he is in the photos.  I loved that Matt wore his sandals and rolled up pants. Clearly he chose what he felt good in (at least that’s what I thought anyway) and because of that he photographed well.  They choose great color – not just all white – and changed it up three times.
So besides all that – Ashley and Matt seem so perfect for each other and it was fun watching their quiet, confident love with simple glances and touches. I can’t wait for their September wedding – They will make a beautiful bride and groom!

love Ashley’s Kendra Scott earrings!

In an email I sent Ashley – “so you have great skin” maybe kinda weird to send to someone but come on people, look at her glowing face. Beautiful I tell ya.

I don’t know what it is, but something about this photo I just love!

Then we went on to the Capitol – besides being one of my favorite lawns to lay on a blanket and read, it’s also a great spot for cute couples to run around.

And this amazing tree was calling our names.

One last shot of how adorable they are and how sweet Matt is towards his bride!  I can’t wait for their wedding at the end of the summer!


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April 28, 2012



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