Ashley & Matt on Long Prairie Ranch

You never need a good excuse to document your lives, your loves or the places you love. Ashley and Matt together have made Long Prairie Ranch a beautiful place they call home.  A place where they can go for walks, jump in the pond with their dogs, picnic in the bluebonnets, or take a deep breath of fresh air country living.  With big changes coming up in their near future, Ashley wanted some of these memories documented to take along with her on their new adventure.  I love these two and only hope these images make their time apart a little less difficult.


Quite the entrance, don’t you think? Greeted by two of their horses.

I love this picture of them so much.  I can feel their love and longing in it.

Meet Daisy


We’ve had such a drought in Texas the past few years, so walking around their land with all the greenery made for some beautiful pictures, which finally had me remembering what the hill country should look like!

This would be Drake. He’s crazy!

I love a man in his cowboy hat — especially Matt!

If they wanted something to remember Texas by they got it – running through a field of bluebonnets at sunset. Pretty much sums it up!

Love this!

Thank you both for allowing me to photograph you once again, it’s always such a pleasure!



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April 13, 2012



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