Candace and Blake : Downtown Houston Engagements

I’m so excited to even be writing about these two.  Candace and Blake have been a part of my life for so long both separately and together throughout the years and a part of each others for the last 12!  Just a few months ago when Candace had a business trip booked to Costa Rica, Blake joined her knowing it was the perfect opportunity to ask his high school sweetheart, his best friend and girlfriend for over a decade to become his wife. I am beyond excited to be documenting this special time in their lives. The blessing I have in being a part of such a pivotal time in my friends life is so rewarding for me. I love seeing their love first hand, witnessing the first day as husband and wife and being a part of years to come! Ekk!!   I love Candace and Blake, I love their love, and I love how beautiful they are through my lens!  Enjoy!!

One of our favorites…

We started their shoot in downtown Houston – their home for the past several years.

The streets of Houston have amazing light streaming through the buildings.

and soft light to highlight Candace’s eyes.

I haven’t spent a lot of time in Houston and I was pleasantly surprised with the parks and greenery and amazing architecture throughout the city.

and even more amazing light in the park.

Candace and Blake are a stunning couple.

I love this picture of Candace.

Right outside their condo is the Bayou where we ventured around under the bridge which made for beautiful city/country images.

Can you believe this is in downtown Houston? I sure didn’t know!

We finished up right outside their condo shooting it in the background along with the city skyline.

Blake, looking rather handsome.

I love these two.

and then finished up on top of their building to capture Houston at dusk.


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March 21, 2012



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