Krystal & Scott : Engagements

Walking down the hallway I had nerves bubbling in my stomach. Would she be weird, would she think I was weird? Meeting people for five minutes was one thing, but living with her for two weeks was another. I softly knocked on the door hoping that I had arrived first, when suddenly the door flew open and a small blue eyed, brunette with a giant smile stood with one hand on the door and the other on her hip. “Hey I’m Krystal” she said and I knew that I would be alright. Krystal was to me the way she is when anyone meets her. She’s warm, open and inviting, so sweet and genuine. I had really nothing to be worried about for the next two weeks. I got lucky. Because I got Krystal.

And I’m sure that is exactly the way Scott feels when he thinks of his future wife. He got lucky. realllly lucky. During our shoot, and meeting Scott for the first time my heart was truly happy seeing them together and seeing that my old friend Krystal found her true, godly man that I knew she prayed for. Scott was first and foremost a ball of fun to be around, going along perfectly with Krystal’s great since of humor, but more importantly I could see the wonderful, loving, godly man that Krystal had fallen in love with.  When you don’t see a friend for a long time, then you see them beaming with happiness that is such a good feeling. I couldn’t be more happy for the two of you and I’m beyond excited for your wedding in August!!

They are so much fun together.

I have always been reallly jealous of Krystal’s amazing hair!!

Their two loves — other than each other.

I love the way they are with one another. completely comfortable and in love…

Krystal, you’re just the cutest thing.

Krystal and I met at a studio we used to work for…. sooo we had to bust out a few of the wonderful poses!

again with their humor…these two….

seriously y’all are a stunning couple!!

Click here to see more of Krystal and Scott’s engagement shoot!!


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June 1, 2011



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