A day in the life of Tori

Tori was ready. Ready to show me all the fun things she gets to do everyday, and baking with her great grandma was number one on her list…well right after jumping in her castle. Tori lead me around outside to all her favorite spots. The garden where her grandma lets her plant her very own seeds, the jumping castle thing, her adult size play house her grandparents built, and then on to the kitchen where both ladies do all their good cooking. A real oven and a plastic one – all the same.

It was such a joy walking into this small and intimate day between a grandma and her great grandchild. The love they share is great and you see it when Tori’s eyes light up at the mention of her Gram, and you see it when Gram goes through all the trouble to bake something new when her freezer is already overflowing from previous days of baking with Tori. My favorite moment of the day is when Amy, Tori’s mom came over to say let’s go home and Tori, not even looking up from her duties, says “Mom you know better.” That Tori – she knows what she wants.

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dressed in her apron and ready to bake!

Gram lets Tori do the pouring.

back home in Tori’s room, she showed me her hair station, her lip glosses…

her fun dress up clothes…

poor thing she actually tripped in her Mom’s shoes and feel backwards into her dress up box…it was actually a pretty perfect landing for photos.

and when she saw us laughing she dusted those tears and got a giggle in too.

now let’s not forget her shoes…

I think Tori could rival me in the shoe department.

this takes real pictures. wish I had one of those when i was little.

This was Amy’s Crazy Coupe when she was little… now they make them with those crazy huge eyes on the front.

Later in the afternoon we met back up for a family shoot — the wind was CRAZY but we managed.

Tori’s got some real attractive parents…


Tori’s mustang that she will sit in but refuses to drive – the noise scared her once and she will no longer sit in the drivers seat…

To see more, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!


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May 10, 2011



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