Kocian Family Christmas Pictures

You would think this wouldn’t be their first real family photo shoot, but it was.  We did one last year around this time and it was freezing – Grady was like a fat little ice cube and both Mom and Dad were fighting back those tears that come from your face getting pretty close to frostbite. Now was a good time, not only because of Christmas, but Grady is at one of the funnest stages so far. The kid has more facial expressions that anyone I know, and a personality that fills up a room anytime his little feet burst into it.  All that personality however, caused for a pretty difficult photo shoot for us.  He was either a bronking bull or a slippery snake trying to wiggle his way out of their arms.  He wanted to explore and taking a few minutes to smile sweetly at the camera was not on his agenda.  But we just laughed at him and let him do this thing.  I’ve taken tons of photos of him but this is definitely my favorite shoot so far. Grady is growing up so fast and it’s making me proud and sad all at the same time.  This Christmas should be pretty fun with him around. I bet he wants to play more with the wrapping than the gifts but his favorite aunt bought him a little red car and I’m dying to see him in it!!

The one on the right is my all time favorite photo of Grady. It’s already hanging really large in my office!

bronking bull.

a few of my pretty sister.

Here are a few from his 1st Birthday shoot back in September.  I hadn’t had time to share yet so here are my favorites.

How pathetic is this face?  He must have really wanted me to stop with the picture taking….  I have it hanging above my computer so when I get tired I look up and it makes me laugh at my poor pitiful baby.


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December 14, 2010



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