Kayla and Darrick : Wedding

Kayla and Darrick were married on a romantic and rainy August day in Warda, Texas – I know a lot of people who may get stressed out with the rain, but I kinda like it on a wedding day. I’m not sure of the truth in the saying that it’s good luck, I however, like to think so. Especially when the grooms family are corn farmers, I’m sure they always think any kind of rain is good luck!


A big thanks to my second shooter, Janeane Melton, for all the help! 
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Dress: Allure Romance
Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Florist: Rita Anders, Cuts of Color
Decorator: Kristen Baumbach, Details
Cakes: Melissa Harris, The Best Little Cake Shop in Texas
Cookies: Keri Michael, Keri’s Cookies
Food: La Grange Knights of Columbus
Video: Infinity Video
DJ: Chip Wied


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October 14, 2016



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