Olivia Shea : 2 years

Never could I have imagined a more perfect little girl for our family. 2 years came and went and I have no doubt I’ll be sitting on our front porch, waving goodbye as she’s off for her first Homecoming so very soon. Let’s not forgot after the endless amount of photos I make her take! Poor child! 🙂  Here are some of my favorites from our short studio session last week and from her small family birthday party.  A big thank you to Melissa Harris for the extremely yummy birthday cake Olivia couldn’t keep her fingers off of! 🙂

** And I’m excited to announce another special for studio sessions, just like the one I did here for Olivia –  Bring in your kids around their birthdays for a mini session just for them, to celebrate turning another year older (and yes you can throw in your other children for a few just for fun)!! email me at brittanydawson@gmail.com for questions and bookings!

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September 8, 2016



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