Audrey + Olivia + Watermelon

What’s better than two baby besties wearing bows and bloomers?  Well nothing really but add in bright red watermelon and it’s even more adorable, plus it helps the little movers sit still for 10 minutes. I’ve been thinking about doing a little summer shoot with Olivia at our new house for awhile and adding Audrey to the shoot was the cherry on top. Plus Olivia questioned the watermelon a little but Audrey tore it up. She probably ate three pieces and wanted everyone to share in on the fun, including the chickens.2015-07-22_0001 2015-07-22_0024 2015-07-22_0002 2015-07-22_0023 2015-07-22_0027

I think that above picture of Audrey may be the sweetest face to ever grace this blog. 2015-07-22_0003 2015-07-22_0005 2015-07-22_0022 2015-07-22_0025 2015-07-22_0004 2015-07-22_0006 2015-07-22_0007 2015-07-22_0008 2015-07-22_0011 2015-07-22_0010 2015-07-22_0026 2015-07-22_0012 2015-07-22_0013 2015-07-22_0014 2015-07-22_0015 2015-07-22_0016 2015-07-22_0017 2015-07-22_0018 2015-07-22_0019 2015-07-22_0020 2015-07-22_0021I just love these two little girls so much!

* I’m thinking about offering some summertime watermelon shoots just at my house in the backyard! Would anyone be interested?!


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July 22, 2015



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