Emily and Rich : Fort Worth Wedding

Being one of my favorite couples of the year, I was really looking forward to Emily and Rich’s wedding.  Their engagement shoot in Austin had me swooning from the love they showed one another. A strong and quite kind of love, one that I know will really last.  I’m so happy for the two of them and to share their beautiful wedding this past October in Fort Worth!  xoxoDawson_EmilyRich1 Dawson_EmilyRich3 Dawson_EmilyRich2 Dawson_EmilyRich4 Dawson_EmilyRich5 Dawson_EmilyRich6 Dawson_EmilyRich14 Dawson_EmilyRich8 Dawson_EmilyRich7 Dawson_EmilyRich15 Dawson_EmilyRich16 Dawson_EmilyRich10 Dawson_EmilyRich9 Dawson_EmilyRich17 Dawson_EmilyRich18 Dawson_EmilyRich12 Dawson_EmilyRich11 Dawson_EmilyRich13 Dawson_EmilyRich19 Dawson_EmilyRich20 Dawson_EmilyRich21 Dawson_EmilyRich22 Dawson_EmilyRich23 Dawson_EmilyRich24 Dawson_EmilyRich25 Dawson_EmilyRich26 Dawson_EmilyRich27 Dawson_EmilyRich28


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December 6, 2013



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