Brittany and Thomas : Houston Wedding

I don’t even need to be told. There are far too many pictures in this blog post, but I just couldn’t help myself. Brittany and Thomas’ wedding on August 3rd was filled with such great moments, the ceremony being my favorite, that I felt there were just too many that I wanted to include.  We started the day getting ready in a beautiful suite at La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa, and continued to the most beautiful chapel in The Woodlands, Fellowship of The Woodlands.  You’ll see why I included so many ceremony pictures. The glass front and back of the church offered beautiful scenery and light, feeling as if you were outside, while sitting comfortably inside. I loved it all so much.

Brittany and Thomas, I hope Hawaii was a dream, and your move to Colorado a breeze.  Congratulations on your first month of marriage and many more to come!

Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_6 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_5

All hair and make up was done by Morgan Wilhelm of Glo.Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_2 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_1 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_3 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_4 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_7 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_8 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_10 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_9Pretty sure there is no mistaking who Brittany looks like.

Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_11 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_12 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_13 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_14 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_15

We were able to get a few bridal shots just before the start of the ceremony. I have to say a huge thanks to my second shooter, Jennifer Schattle, for helping me get amazing pictures throughout the day. The following is one of hers. Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_16 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_17 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_19 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_18 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_20

The three most gorgeous sisters. And a big thank you to Marsais, for sending my name along to her sister! Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_21 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_22 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_23 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_25 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_24 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_26 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_27 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_29 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_28 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_30

The florals at the Chapel were done by A Memorable Event and added so much to the already beautiful space. Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_33 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_31 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_32 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_34 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_35 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_36I love these! I’m not sure if Brittany just took his breath away in that middle picture or if he’s checking out to see if Brittany’s father approves!


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson!Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_38 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_39 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_40 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_41 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_42 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_43 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_44

What a fun group of people! Brittany and Thomas have great friends and family! Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_45 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_46 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_47 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_48 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_49

Even though we literally only had about 5 minutes to capture bride and groom photos, I’d say we still got some! Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_50 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_51 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_52 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_53

Their reception was held back at La Torretta and the florals here were done by Darryl and Co. Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_54 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_55 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_56 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_57 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_58 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_59 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_60

Brittany and her father have a very sweet bond. I’m sure it’s hard marrying off your youngest and 20 year old daughter, but I’m pretty sure she can always be your little girl. Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_61 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_62

Signature Eventz DJ did a great job keeping everyone on the dance floor all night! Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_63 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_64 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_65Congratulations you two!

Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_66 Dawson_BrittThomasWedding_67


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September 5, 2013



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