Candis + Cullen : Wedding

Brides like Candis make wedding photographers love what they do.  On the morning of Candis’ wedding, when many brides would be nervous, she instead, had fun with her bridesmaids (all 12 of them)!  Rain chances for the afternoon or muggy weather didn’t have her down – and because of that, Candis and Cullen’s wedding was perfect! CandisCullen1 CandisCullen2 CandisCullen3 CandisCullen4 CandisCullen5 CandisCullen11 CandisCullen6 CandisCullen7 CandisCullen8 CandisCullen9 CandisCullen10 CandisCullen12

Minutes before the wedding the rain started coming in making a romantic setting in this adorable little church.

CandisCullen13 CandisCullen15 CandisCullen14 CandisCullen16

Luckily during pictures before the ceremony the rain held off, but right after when it was time for bride and groom pictures, the rain was coming down harder than ever. Deborah Bradley, along with handling other changes in the day, suggested we shoot at Sengelmann Hall. Perfect idea.

CandisCullen17 CandisCullen18 CandisCullen19

CandisCullen20 CandisCullen21 CandisCullen22 CandisCullen23 CandisCullen24

Congratulations Candis and Cullen!!!


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June 7, 2013



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