Kaylee + Michael : Schulenburg Engagements

I knew each of these two separately first, much like they knew one another, as friends.  Sometimes without expecting, friendship can lead to much greater things, like finding your life partner in one another. That is exactly what happened with Kaylee and Michael and I was so happy to finally see the two of them together, as a couple and soon to be husband and wife. I’m greatly anticipating their wedding at Senglemann Hall this coming fall – it should be a good one! Dawson_KayleeMichael1 Dawson_KayleeMichael11 Dawson_KayleeMichael2 Dawson_KayleeMichael3 Dawson_KayleeMichael4 Dawson_KayleeMichael5 Dawson_KayleeMichael6 Dawson_KayleeMichael7 Dawson_KayleeMichael8 Dawson_KayleeMichael9 Dawson_KayleeMichael10


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May 14, 2013



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