Krystal and Scott : Maternity

Continuing the story of the couples I photograph is one of the most remarkable things I’m blessed with doing.   When we first meet they are newly engaged, excited about what the unknown future holds and highly anticipating the most important day of their lives. During the engagements, I get to know the two of them as a couple. What makes her blush at his touch – what makes him beam when he sees her smile. During the wedding I see a new relationship unfold, one that is unbroken by the bond and promises they’ve made to one another. A quiet confidence as they revel in this new territory, of husband and wife. After all this, what I truly love the most is when we meet again, that same excitement and joy still there – but this time with giddiness knowing that so soon they will become parents  The confidence in one another is still there. He makes her laugh, she still giggles – but the look he gives his beautiful pregnant wife, that is what makes me melt.


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May 6, 2013



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