Karissa and Grady : a mother and son maternity shoot, part 1

It’s moments like these that I am so very thankful for what I do.  Creating memories for others gives me such joy in my chosen path, but creating memories for my family is seriously priceless. I can’t thank God enough for this little boy and the two people responsible for bringing him to us.  I can honestly say that Grady is the light in all of our lives. The joy he shares with us is beyond every descriptive word I can think of.  And now, the thought that we will have another little boy, so soon, blessing us with his life brings me such immense joy – and I’m only Aunt BB. I just can not wait.  Will he be like Grady – crazy, loving, smart, a little bit weird – busy, talkative, inquisitive, or stubborn — will he have red hair and bright blue eyes?  Or will he be completely different but still so special in his own way.  But I promise you one thing, he will have the same pure joy just like his big brother Grady.

For Karissa’s maternity pictures, I wanted to incorporate Grady as much as we could.  Grady is just as excited for baby brother as his parents are and I believe he really understands that there is a baby in mommy’s tummy and will be coming home soon. For the first part of her shoot, we played and jumped around on her bed – letting Grady do things he probably isn’t usually allowed to do. However being at home, cuddling in bed with Grady alone, I thought would be really special memories for them to cherish.


Grady1 Grady3Grady2 Grady6

Grady23 Grady4 Grady5 Grady7 Grady8 Grady9like every other man we all know – Grady wouldn’t stop putting his hands down his pants…      Grady15

The above picture is one of my favorites pictures of all time. I hope they cherish it always.

Grady10Grady12      Grady22Grady13Grady14Grady16Grady17Grady18Grady19Grady11Grady20Grady21  Grady24 Such sweet moments!  Grady26Grady25 Grady27

I’ll be posting the second part of their shoot soon!


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March 7, 2013



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