Lauren and Aaron : Engagements

Sometimes, as luck would have it, I meet two people that I just know I’m supposed to be a part of their love story, documenting it along the way.  This is exactly the way I feel about Lauren and Aaron. From the moment we said hello early last Saturday morning, I felt ease and comfort for the engagement pictures I was about to take.  Lauren and her Mom have a sweet, sincere quality that surrounds them and immediately helps people feel comfortable.  Aaron, while a little more on the quiet side, seems so genuinely in love with Lauren it’s hard to miss.  I can’t wait for your amazing wedding come spring!  Thank you for choosing me to be a part of it!

It’s not often I start the shoot with the sunny kissy pictures… but when shooting sunrise you have to get all lovey dovie fast.

Who knew we could have sunflowers in August. It helps when you get a little more than a few centimeters of rain in the spring!

The lighting at the Metropolitan park was amazing making me want to get up before dawn for shoots more often!

Lauren. always smiling and laughing.

Lauren’s engagement ring once belonged to Aaron’s great grandmother. It’s so great to know diamonds never go out of style!

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August 14, 2012



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