Kelly & Wade: Engagements

We all know the feeling of your first love. Those fleeting moments together, locking eyes in the hallway, a lunch date. We all have high hopes, hoping that feeling will never end. But almost all first loves come to an end, becoming a part of your past.  That was Kelly and Wade 8 years ago and it is still Kelly and Wade today. Walking hand in hand to football games, making plans for Friday night, parking lot talks and new beginnings. The fleeting glances into the eyes of a new love are now the same eyes they will look into when they become man and wife. I love High School sweetheart stories. My Mom and Dad are one – together since my Mom was 14. It seems almost impossible that when you’re only 16 you could meet the person you’d spend your life with. Almost cliche in a way. How could you know? Well I have a feeling Kelly and Wade knew just that all those years ago. They are the type of couple that seem at ease around one another. Truly make one another happy. And 8 years later, in a clearing on a bluff, on a hand made bench, Wade proposed to his high school sweetheart. And of course, she said yes.

You can also view their new website —  WADELOVESKELLY

We were lucky to have some amazing light during their session!


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June 15, 2012



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