Julia & Lyle : South Congress Engagements

So I was totally called out by one of my grooms.  At Julia and Lyle’s wedding last month I was informed I never blogged their engagement shoot. Totally my bad. I try so hard to stay on top of things but sometimes life and editing get in the way and I slip up.  So while I was preparing their wedding blog, which I’m sure they are way more excited to see, I decided to quickly blog a few of their engagements to keep my promise to Lyle!  So this one’s for you Mr. Garza!!  Their wedding is to follow!

So beautiful, Julia.

Julia fits so perfectly in Lyle’s arms – I imagine she always feels so safe.

I love this one. Lyle is so incredibly sweet with Julia and it shows.

and Lyle is so handsome.



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January 11, 2012



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