Christmas Photo Booth Fun!

It went a little something like this:

Me: Hey Bryan I want to have a fun Christmas Party!

Bryan: this year?

Me: Yesss Honey, this year.  and I want to have a photo booth. and a fire. and make fun food. and get the house ready.

Bryan: How much is all that gonna cost?

He’s a good husband.  There were about 10 house fixers on our to-do list that he completed. He got the fire place working. He went to the grocery store. He cook some, most OK ALL of the food. All while I was doing this….

….getting the photo booth ready!!

But he doesn’t fool me. He had just as much fun in that thing as we all did!

as did this girl! Stacy loves a good mustache! That prop was specifically for her!

The eyebrow pose. We see it at every occasion!

mustache kissing!

Stacy and Kristine. I’m just loving the big ole bow! It was my fav!

Jason and Bill!

It’s nice to have someone around to fix your bow tie.

Kendra…striking a pose. or caught off guard. who can tell? She looks good either way!

Lara looks pretty good in the bow as well!

Jae – her words: I don’t know what to do!

Girls!  Note to self: Next time make the backdrop wider!

Oh Sarah….

Kristine and Sean being adorable! Such a photogenic couple!

Jeremy and Kayla being very festive!

I don’t know why but the mustache made me want to salute every time I put it on!

OH yeah. Stacy and Bryan are the biggest thugs ever.

Love these mustache twins!

I think Jen look cutest in the bow!

Oh no and THEN Bryan busted out his dance moves.

I think they were supposed to be feeling the music.

I turn around and this is happening. Josh lost his shirt. That was the best part of having a remote… I didn’t have to take the pics all night.

me and Jae! Jae left the babies and husband at home!!


and then everyone went home and Stacy was sleepy!  It was a gooood photo booth kinda night!!  I think it’s gonna be a yearly party!!



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December 22, 2011



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