The Humberson Family

I love my family. I love to watch them grow. I love that they are growing by way of a baby girl!  Can’t wait to meet baby Reese!  These are my favorite family pictures I’ve shot of my cousins!  Soon their little family will be complete!  I love you guys!!  🙂

Logan is so sweet when he talks about his new little sister. He’ll be a great big brother.

As long as he doesn’t tackle her like he did his pregnant Momma!

I would like to say that Logan shot the picture of his Mom and Dad on the right — do I see a future?? 🙂

Kurt’s little buddy.

such a sweetheart!

These are two of my favorites. flowers for his momma.

I love these. Logan really outdid himself!

and a few of the glowing Momma to be.

pregnancy suits Rebecca well.


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December 2, 2011



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