Charity and Blake : Anniversary Shoot

One of my favorite things to photograph are anniversary shoots. It gives you a day to get to be a bride and groom again…only a year after you said your “I Do’s” or even several years later. It’s a way to celebrate the one year marker with new pictures to keep. Often your wedding day is a little busy and you don’t get 2 hours for portraits of you and your new husband all gussied up in your wedding dress, so take advantage of your anniversary and do something fun for yourself!!  I’m sure your groom won’t complain tooo much.  And Blake did no such thing!  He was the perfect groom to shoot and Charity the most beautiful bride!!

We started the shoot back at the church they were married.

Headed downtown for an awesome loft location with great lighting.

and then headed outside for more romantic pictures…

love this. Charity you are beautiful!

A cowboy hat could quite possibly be my favorite prop!

Towards the end of the shoot and day we had the most amazing light. It’s what I shoot for at every shoot. There is nothing like the evening texas light!

The next two are my favorites!

Thank you Charity and Blake for an amazing shoot!!


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July 28, 2011



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