Lifestyle shoot with the Corn Family

I’m thrilled when I get asked to do these kinds of shoots. Laid back and at home in their own surroundings, kids, not to mention the parents, are relaxed and more comfortable in front of the camera.  Jessica emailed me awhile back explaining that the house that they built and brought their two boys home, is up for sale and they are moving on.  She wanted to document their everyday happenings that goes on inside the house. Snuggle time in the bed, scrambled eggs, bedtime stories, and wrestling with Dad are just some of the things that makes their house a home.  I’m so glad that I was able to document these memories from their first home.

Meet Everett

and Hudson

The highlight of the day for Hudson – wrestling with Dad. (and beating him)

First time standing in the crib.  Everett was pretty pleased with himself.


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June 22, 2011



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