Taylor and Tye : part 2

On to my favorite part of the day – a few minutes alone with the bride and groom…. and the lighting after the ceremony made for the perfect few moments.

also be sure to CLICK HERE for a slidshow!

Tye and his nephew Oliver. I have the biggest crush on little Oliver.

Taylor and her stunning bridesmaids!

Taylor and her three sisters — no wait that’s her Mom – How gorgeous is she?!

The Courtyard was the perfect place for Taylor and Tye’s Ralph Lauren inspired wedding reception.

Scott with Darrly & Co. did an AMAZING job with the decor, decorating, rentals and coordination of Taylor and Tye’s wedding…it couldn’t have been the same without them!

Susie’s Cakes and Confections did an outstanding job with Taylor’s cake – and it sure was yummy!!

When I waled in and saw the engagement portrait above the mantel I died. I felt like I was walking straight into Taylor and Tye’s living room.

Again, Scott and Taylor – these tables were stunning!

All throughout the downstairs were small living spaces for guests to sit and mingle. It made the reception so personal and private. Like having dinner right in the Gunn’s living room.

The first dance as man and wife!

The father/daughter dance was especially touching.

Not going to lie – got a little teary eyed behind my camera.

Mother/son dance!

A very special dance. Tye’s old coach and his granddaughter…

Another special dance for Taylor’s parents celebrating their wedding anniversary!

While Dad rested, Taylor danced!

CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of Taylor and Tye’s Wedding Day!!


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May 4, 2011



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