Brianna : La Grange Senior class of 2011

It’s in her quiet confidence in who she is, or possibly her faith and values that exude from her inner soul, but no matter what Brianna is an amazing girl that has become a beautiful young woman inside and out. I watched her grow, spent nights babysitting (did I? I’m sure…) and when I went off to college and would come back home, I loved seeing her smile at church — and through out the years she blossomed more and more.  Now, I can hardly believe it, she’s graduating high school, moving on into her next stage with a hopeful and exciting future.  I’m sure you know Brianna, but you can be anything you want to be. Your genuine kindness, your intelligence and your stunning smile will take you so so far. Much more than you can even imagine. So never forget to dream big.  And if you ever need any help along the way I’m always here.

our favorite!

seriously isn’t brianna stunning?


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April 12, 2011



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