Samara & Jett : Schulenburg Wedding

They ran under a falling sea of bird seed away from their perfect night, holding hands and smiling brightly.  She had become his wife and he her husband and they were happy. Happy, I’m sure of so many things. Happy their day had sent beautiful weather, happy the wedding ran smoothly, happy UT won, and happy they, along with all of their guests, had fun!

Samara and Jett waited for their perfect wedding since college, ready to make that leap of faith and ready to become man and wife. Together along with many friends, family, their bridesmaids and groomsmen, Samara and Jett made the ultimate commitment to one another – to love, honor and cherish all the days of their life.

Samara and Jett I couldn’t have been more proud and honored to document your day. And to your parents, you helped make this day possible for them.  I hope that you had an amazing time on the honeymoon and I wish you countless years of happiness!

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Nothing better than starting a day with blue Manolo Blahniks.

Her bouquet designed by Kaywin Kubesch of The Flower Company.

Samara had the most fun and beautiful bridesmaids ever!!

Jett and his men look pretty good as well.

Samara you are beautiful.

Kaywin you outdid yourself!

of course the UT game was playing in the parking lot.

and when they won this happened. UT fight song.

first dance.

My favorite part of the evening. Samara’s Grandpa got up with the band a played a few songs for the new bride and groom.

To see more of Samara and Jett’s wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!


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November 11, 2010



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